Frequently Asked Questions

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My profile does not show up on the discovery page.
To be shown on the discovery page you must take a picture or a video from the homepage. Take a picture or a video. You press the big circle button once or hold it down for a video.
On the "Flirts" page you select the flirt you want to match or extend with. Once selected you should see the options to match or extend. If the flirt have already sent you a match or extend request you will see "Accept match" or "Accept Extend". Happy Flirting!
There are a few reasons why. The timer run out, the flirt blocked you or deleted their account.
On the "Flirts" page you select the flirt you want to block. Once you are on the flirt page you tap on their name at the top. A menu will show with options "Block" or "Profile".
You tap on the request and you will see two options a green thumbs up or a big red cross. You will tap the red cross to decline the request.